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If you really want something, you have to beast up and take action. This audio guide will help you build a habit for taking the RIGHT actions!

Get Ready To...

  • Set a vision for your 100-day transformation. Stop the guesswork and know where you actually want to be by the end of 100 days!
  • Set yourself up for success by creating a space that cultivates productivity and creativity.
  • Kickstart your days with big smiles and a breakfast of gratitude. Wrap your brain around positive vibes to shape the rest of your day.
  • Identify and dominate your most valuable daily actions. No more wasted time on meaningless goober tasks.
  • Become a master of brainstorming ideas, some of which will change your life and become your creative masterpieces!
  • Eliminate emotional and physical distractions and surround yourself with value. Less is more.
  • Bring back and sustain the warm fuzzy feeling you had as a child. Remember that sweet ass feeling?
  • Become what you think about. Bring your visions to reality!
  • Use your breath as a superpower by discovering the magic of mindfulness.
  • Reflect upon and celebrate your progress to optimize motivation and excitement. Keep the momentum going so you don't just stop at 100 days.
  • Beef up your happiness muscle to body-slam resistance and build your freedom empire!

"Every now and then I find a great new tool that improves my life or helps me become a better person. This year my favorite new tool is this Sweet Ass Journal. I've stayed productive, sane, and grateful, and I owe a lot to the guidance of this tool. I'll be buying it as a gift for several different friends and loved ones, too. I can't recommend it highly enough!”

-Lily Ann Fouts, Author of Seven Years Running and more

"What if journaling could be channeled simply and powerfully towards Joy? I have been so blessed in the time I have been using this tool. Elegant and challenging, the SAJ has guided me to radically rethinking what I want from my business yes, but also from my life as a whole.

-JC Spears, Founder of Mobile Minion

Sweet Ass Journal

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